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Welcome to the Reading Bookshelf!!


We’ve been listening! We were overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and have been researching, planning and working with schools and libraries to make this site even better. We are really excited about the new RBS website and all the new features we have planned and want to thank everyone for helping to prove this is a valuable asset. With your feedback we redesigned the whole site and have a lot of big improvements

What’s New?

We have completely rewritten RBS and have a new platform to implement a bunch of new functionality. Here are just some of the things we have implemented so far;

  • New, smarter and dynamic user interface
  • Comprehensive repository of Accelerated Reader (AR) Quizzes and Book data(English and Spanish)
  • We now proudly support Scholastic’s Reading Counts (SRC) program and the Lexile levels
  • Z39 Integration with Libraries. We were the only website to integrate search with public libraries and we now have made it even better with the industry standard Z39 integration. For more on Z39 integration click here
  • Schools and libraries can now self manage their own information, integration settings, upload reading list and manage them.

Click Here for a complete list of all new and original functionality. We have new look, new platform and lots of ideas STAY TUNED!

What’s RBS?

The Reading Bookshelf is a site built by parents who were experiencing the same challenges as other parents with their school reading programs;

     How do I help my child find the right books for their school reading program at the local library?

We decided to do something about it use our skills and leverage our contacts to plan, design and build this web site to hopefully help children become better readers.

The Reading Bookshelf (RBS) is a FREE site dedicated to helping parents finding books for their school's Accelerated Reading or Scholastic Reading Counts program at local libraries, bookstores and on the web. RBS allows schools to publish their AR or RC lists and related information like points, reading level, Lexiles, etc. RBS then uses these lists and checks for availability of those books at local libraries and book stores.

Why Use RBS?

  • Modern User interface - with things like smart screens, auto-complete and AJAX driven asynchronous page updates.
  • Reading Lists Integrated with Public Libraries – Our RBS Search does what no other site does and takes your reading list and directly searches participating libraries indirectly through their web site and directly via the industry standard Z39 interface.
  • Partnered with Key Reading Program Sponsors – We have been working with the key companies to get better data, integration and input to make this site work.
  • Integrated with Mainstream Internet sites - including Amazon, Google and EBay
  • RBS Data store – RBS has a comprehensive book and quiz data repository with hundreds of thousands of books and SRC and AR quizzes. If we don’t have it, we will get it.